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The benefits of UAV Photography

The advancement of unmanned drones has meant that the cost and difficulty of sourcing high quality aerial photographs has been greatly reduced. Where as in the past you might have had to organise a shoot with a helicopter or low flying aircraft, now the technology allows for cost-effective shoots to be arranged that need significantly less planning. As drones are considerably smaller than helicopters and a lot more environmentally friendly, we can get into tighter spaces and shoot closer to the ground if needed, which opens up a wider range of potential for capturing the necessary images. *Please note our DJI Inspire 1 v2.0 and DJI Mavic Pro work within a height 400 feet & 500 meter range *(DJI Mavic also allows for indoor use).

UAVs can be set up quickly on location, are highly manoeuvrable and remarkably unobtrusive. Whereas a helicopter hovering overhead may interrupt the day-to-day running of your organisation. A UAV can be piloted without causing any excessive noise or disruption.

Built in image stabilisation allows for crystal clear HD photographs or 4k video to be taken.