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Aerial Photography & Video Prices

We keep our packages very easy so you know exactly what you are buying. While standard services are charged as per the price list below, bespoke projects are priced on a per project basis. Call us to chat about your needs, or send us a message and we’ll get back to you!

Aerial Survey 

4K Video Pass: For overview of condition. 4K video is very high resolution, allowing your maintenance staff to quickly review the state of the roof.

Detailed Stills Pass: Producing detailed images down to small scales. Our stills are in RAW format, exploiting the full resolving power of the camera. Your staff will clearly see details in the 1cm range. We will produce images in two formats. 4 x still digital photos and a short video clip.

Protruding Structures Orbit Pass: 4K video to show gables, chimneys, dormers etc in 360° elevation view.

Property Photography & Video

Property Photographs 1: Single structure & grounds up to 1 acre. Single man team.
Property Photographs 2: Multiple structures on same grounds up to 1 acre. Single man team.

Property Filming 1: Single structure & grounds up to 1 acre. Single man team.
Property Filming 2: Multiple structures on same grounds up to 1 acre. Single man team.

The Shoot: We will visit you to capture your property and grounds from multiple perspectives and under varying conditions.

Image Processing: Our photo editors will process your images to really bring out their beauty.

Video Editing is part of the package but does take up to 5 days to edit

Download: We upload your images to our server for review and download.

When selling a substantial property, aerial filming is one of the best marketing tools available. With skilled filming, your property will stand out. A video says more than a thousand words and brings your property to life. *(PLEASE NOTE, IT'S UP TO THE CLIENT TO INFORM ALL RELATIVE ADJACENT PROPERTIES THAT UAV PHOTOGRAPHY WILL BE DONE ON THE PROPERTY)

Packages from - £350 

Outdoor Events

Sports, gatherings & events are excellent subjects to photograph. Because of the dynamic nature of these subjects, coupled with planning for public safety and regulatory compliance we cannot provide a fixed price service. We need to send a minimum of a two man team and occasionally a three man team to manage safety. With this in mind, prices ARE FROM £800 (Ex VAT).

Outdoor Events Aerial Photography: POA  
Indoor Events Aerial Photography: POA  

If you can’t see your requirements in the price list above, don’t worry. Call us to talk about your aerial filming needs.

Thermal Imaging Packages

Solar Inspections - POA

The use of ROAVs (remotely operated aerial vehicles) can provide large solar arrays to be inspected in a significantly shorter amount of time. Once panels are found to be defective or faulty, they are marked with geotags and imaged with both thermal and daylight cameras for reporting and analysis.

TAG is one of ONLY a few companies that offers industry leading thermal orthomosaics. A thermal orthomosaic is a 3D map of a solar field, but instead of visual images, it is thermal images. The orthomosaics offer true survey grade accuracy, while being able to see large areas of a solar farm in a single large image.

Wind Turbine Services - POA

Our Wind Turbine services provide a more accurate and safer solution to wind turbine inspections. We are able to capture drone thermal imaging of areas otherwise impossible or extremely difficult to access. All our inspections can be done while the turbine is running so there is no down time and provides a real time heat signature. One of the major proponents of drone thermal imaging is seeing heat signatures and anomalies while equipment is running. This is very difficult to do with traditional inspection methods with a worker on the turbine.

We offer both high resolution visual imagery with specialized thermal equipment. The visual images are outfitted with optical zoom on a high megapixel platform for the ultimate visual inspection. The high megapixel and optical zoom characteristics provide incredible detail for visual inspections. This level of detail offers better results, quicker turnarounds, and no climber risk.

We operate with a Flir thermal camera that produces stunning thermal imagery. Drone thermal imaging can detect minor issues before they become major problems.

If you can’t see your requirements in the list above, don’t worry, email info@tagdronephotography.co.uk your requirements and we will get back to you.


Please note that due to the nature of this industry, it is weather permitting. Unfortunately due to health & safety, rain and wind speeds above 10 m/s we might not be able to fly the drone. Should this transpire the customer will be contacted to reschedule or refund in the case of critical timelines.


We quote on an individual basis, this gives our valued customers the best price for their specific project requirements. On receiving a full brief we will complete our pre operation site assessments and an initial site survey before supplying a written quote.

Once the quote is submitted and accepted we then follow our procedures to ensure the project is carried out in accordance within Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) regulations and TAG Operations Manual. We then supply you with a copy of a valid insurance certificate, risk assessments and method statements plus any special permissions that may be required.


If and when a quote is accepted a deposit of 50% will be required to confirm your booking and ensures your priority over any late booking enquiries.

If for any reason we need to reschedule e.g. heavy rain or strong winds.This booking deposit will be transferred to a different day If the client cancels the confirmed booking we retain the deposit plus any additional costs unless agreed in writing in advance.

Due to the nature of the weather in the UK and certain production requirements we are flexible with clients regarding dates of the required projects. We only carry out work once all the pre-flight checks in our Operations Manual are completed, this will allow us to carry out the work safely in accordance within CAA regulations.

What happens on a typical job

Every job is different, and will have its own factors to be taken into consideration.

A typical process might include the following steps:
Customer contacts us with details of the work to be undertaken.
We discuss the customer's requirements to ensure we have a full and complete understanding of the work required.
We conduct an initial (off-site) feasibility assessment, including location and airspace checks, and provide the customer with a cost estimate for the work.
If the customer is happy with the estimate, we will arrange a mutually convenient date and time to conduct an on-site survey and risk assessment of the job location.
Once the on-site survey and risk assessment have been completed, we will confirm the price and request a 50% deposit to secure the booking.
We will track the aviation weather forecasts prior to the date of the job, and will notify the customer if there is any likelihood of a requirement to reschedule.
We will confirm our attendance for the job with the customer, the day before it is due to go ahead.
We will attend site with the required drone(s) and safety equipment, conduct a final on-site survey, and brief the customer of the steps to be taken to complete the work.
If there are to be any spectators, they will also be briefed, and must maintain a safe distance from the drone(s) at all times.
On completion of the on-site activities with the drone, we will typically need to complete any post-processing work at our offices before publishing the final output to the customer.
A draft of the final images/video will be provided to the customer for review and sign-off, before final payment is due and full resolution images are supplied.

Note: For smaller jobs, the on-site survey and risk assessment may take place on the day the work is being done. More complex jobs, perhaps due to their location or the customer's specific requirements, may need more planning, surveys and assessments.


Yes, we are insured for 1 Million pounds public liability for flight operations across the world (excluding the USA & Canada), but we are able to increase that to 10 Million if required.


We have over 20 years of experience with various types of Radio Controlled equipment. We come from a sales and marketing background so we know how important it is for a quick turn-around on projects. All of our pilots are fully trained to the highest standards and are full PfCO licence holders.  Or pilots strive to conduct all operations safely and incident free. Our risk assessments are in-depth and cover all associated hazards, ensuring all adequate control measures are in place prior to commencing any operation as per our CAA approved operations manual.